Which are the top 10 major cities considering banning or limiting casinos this year?

It is difficult to provide an up-to-date list as the status of casino bans or limitations can change frequently. However, here are 10 major cities that have been in discussions or have implemented restrictions on casinos in recent years:

1. Tokyo, Japan: Tokyo has been considering the introduction of integrated resorts (IRs) with casinos, but discussions have faced opposition and delays.

2. Yokohama, Japan: Yokohama city had been a potential candidate for an IR location but recent elections resulted in anti-casino candidates winning, putting the plans at risk.

3. Osaka, Japan: Osaka was another city being considered for an IR; however, there have been delays and skepticism regarding the implementation of casinos in the region.

4. Barcelona, Spain: The city of Barcelona has expressed concerns about the social impact of gambling and has imposed restrictions on new casino licenses.

5. Paris, France: While Paris is host to several land-based casinos, there have been discussions about limiting the growth of gambling establishments in the city.

6. Milan, Italy: The government in Milan has shown intentions to limit the number of casinos in the city due to social concerns and potential negative effects.

7. Rome, Italy: Similar to Milan, the city of Rome has been discussing measures to restrict the number and expansion of casinos within its boundaries.

8. London, United Kingdom: London has witnessed debates regarding the location and establishment of new casinos in certain areas of the city, with a focus on reducing problem gambling.

9. Vancouver, Canada: Vancouver city council has discussed the possibility of banning new casinos in certain neighborhoods due to concerns over the social impacts of gambling.

10. Toronto, Canada: Toronto has had ongoing talks about the potential for a casino within its city limits, but conversations have faced opposition and delays.

Please note that this list may not encompass all cities considering casino restrictions or bans. It is essential to refer to recent local news and updates to obtain the latest information on a specific city’s casino regulations.

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