What are the top 10 significant legal changes impacting online gambling worldwide this year?

1. United States: Legalization of Online Sports Betting
Several U.S. states, including Illinois, Tennessee, Michigan, Virginia, and others, have legalized online sports betting in 2021, expanding the market significantly.

2. Germany: Introduction of New Online Gambling Laws
Germany implemented a new online gambling regulatory framework from July 1, 2021, allowing for the first time a regulated online gambling market. This includes licensing requirements, player protections, and advertising restrictions.

3. Netherlands: Online Gambling Regulation
After years of anticipation, the Netherlands finally launched its regulated online gambling market on April 1, 2021. This new framework provides licenses to operators and brings legal clarity to the market.

4. United Kingdom: Ban on Credit Card Gambling
In April 2020, the UK banned the use of credit cards for online gambling. This measure aimed to prevent consumers from gambling with money they don’t have and protect vulnerable players.

5. Canada: Potential Legalization of Single-event Sports Betting
The Canadian government proposed legislation to legalize single-event sports betting in 2021, which would amend the current laws allowing only parlay betting, opening up new opportunities for operators.

6. India: States Regulating Online Gambling
Several Indian states, including Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu, have introduced regulations to ban or regulate online gambling, aiming to reduce addiction and gambling-related issues.

7. Sweden: Stricter Regulations and Ad Restrictions
Sweden introduced stricter regulations on the online gambling industry in 2021, focusing on player protection measures and imposing stricter advertising rules to reduce gambling harms.

8. Brazil: Potential Legalization of Online Gambling
Brazil is considering the legalization of online gambling, including sports betting and online casinos. The government aims to regulate the industry and generate revenue through taxation.

9. Australia: Tightening of Online Gambling Regulations
Australia implemented stricter regulations on online gambling activities, including a ban on credit betting and restrictions on gambling promotions, targeting the protection of vulnerable players.

10. India: Legalization of Online Skill-based Games
Several Indian states, such as Gujarat and Telangana, have taken steps to legalize online skill-based games, distinguishing them from games of chance and providing a regulated framework for operators.

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