What are the top 10 most controversial bets in the sports betting industry this year?

1. The 2020 US Presidential Election: Many sportsbooks offered odds on the outcome of the election, which fueled controversy due to the polarizing nature of the candidates and the close race.

2. Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr. Rematch: Speculation and betting on a potential rematch between these two fighters caused a lot of controversy, as many believed it was a ploy for money rather than a legitimate sporting event.

3. Tom Brady’s Future Team: When Tom Brady announced his departure from the New England Patriots, there was much speculation and betting on which team he would join, causing controversy and heated debates among fans.

4. Betting on controversial players: Some sportsbooks offered bets on players with controversial backgrounds or histories, which sparked ethical debates about whether it is appropriate to profit from such individuals.

5. COVID-19 and sports betting: The pandemic resulted in many changes to the sports industry, including the cancellation and rescheduling of events. This led to controversial bets on whether certain events would take place or not.

6. Betting on eSports: As eSports gained more popularity and recognition, some sportsbooks began offering bets on these events, leading to controversy and debates about whether eSports should be considered a legitimate sport.

7. Betting on the Tokyo Olympics: Due to the uncertainty surrounding the Olympics due to COVID-19, some sportsbooks offered bets on whether the event would be canceled, leading to controversy and doubts about exploiting a global crisis for betting purposes.

8. Betting on Individual Player Performance: Some sportsbooks offered bets on individual player statistics and performances, which led to debates about whether it encourages individualistic and selfish gameplay.

9. Betting on Cheat Scandals: When cheating scandals rocked the sports world, such as the Houston Astros sign-stealing scandal in baseball, controversy arose as some sportsbooks offered bets on the outcomes and consequences of these scandals.

10. Betting on Sports During Lockdowns: During periods of lockdown and restricted sports events, sportsbooks initiated creative bets, such as on virtual sports or simulated games, which sparked debate about the integrity of these betting options and whether they were fair to the bettors.

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